Essentially, nothing changed

Created on Thursday, 14 August 2014 01:00 | Written by Diana Boom

Picture a five-story cutaway drawing of a building — a cross-section like a doll house. Now remove the first-floor ceiling to create a space with a very high ceiling. The outside of the building hasn’t changed — it isn’t any shorter or smaller.

I just figured out that that’s what the developer did when he redesigned the Wizer Block buildings. He didn’t really remove the fifth floor — he simply removed the first-floor ceilings in certain parts of the buildings so that the first-floor spaces have higher ceilings. That is why, contrary to what most people believe, the mass and height of the buildings did not essentially change.

What’s wrong with the Wizer proposal is that they’re trying to squeeze a four-story apartment building into the heart of the downtown shopping district. The DRC did the right thing in denying the application. I hope the City Council follows suit. Most of Lake Oswego will be watching.

Diana Boom
Lake Oswego

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