Uphold DRC’s decision

Created on Thursday, 14 August 2014 01:00 | Written by Dennis Shebel

Initially, I was glad to see that the Wizer Block would be redeveloped. However, like others, I now believe the project is too big for our downtown.

The Development Review Commission concurs with virtually every organization and The Lake Oswego Review. I agree with the decision of the DRC. Simply put, the developer has not taken the steps necessary to break up the buildings and reduce the number of apartments to boost needed retail downtown on a block designated primarily for retail.

This Wizer redevelopment has created what Mayor Kent Studebaker wanted to avoid — disharmony. The debate should now be over. The City Council should uphold the majority will of its constituents, neighborhoods and LO organizations.

There has been too much dissatisfaction in recent years with our local elected representatives who don’t listen to informed citizens. Citizen Jon Bell’s testimony in front of the commission was compelling. The attempts that were made to upend his testimony were shocking and alarming. The City Council should vote to uphold the will of the citizens and the DRC, and demand that staff be held to a much higher and ethical standard.

Dennis Shebel
Lake Oswego

Article originally posted with the Lake Review @ www.pamplinmedia.com/lor/49-opinion/230175-93102-readers-letters

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