Decision will affect the future

Created on Thursday, 28 August 2014 01:00 | Written by Jaymee Delaney

“Don’t despair when things don’t go your way, maybe you were meant to be detoured.” — Anonymous.

I have lived in the Lake Oswego area for 15 years and find it to be an idyllic city with a village feel. My appreciation of the area came as I drove though Lake Oswego on multiple occasions through the years and observed that there were no towering structures overpowering the city.

The Wizer Block proposal advocated for massive buildings that would take away from the feel of this city. The Development Review Commission evaluated this Wizer plan and found it did not meet code, and their recommendation was to reject the project as it stands. I am unclear why proponents feel that a few “squeaky wheels” are forcing decisions at the DRC level. Let us move on and agree with the DRC. The Wizer project can still be built; it just needs to be significantly modified.

Downtown Lake Oswego will be enhanced with attractive smaller buildings with multi-purpose structures built to code. Economic development is exceptionally important in our small village, and the Wizer plan needs to understand that what is needed in LO are attractive shops, apartments and buildings that bring in locals to support economic growth.

Millennium Park Plaza is a destination for all to enjoy. It is akin to a relaxing French promenade. Last night, however, parking was terrible. My husband and I wanted to go to St. Honoré for take-out, and we could not find a parking spot. The park was having a concert and there were no parking spots. I can only imagine the area with more buildings without appropriate parking.

What is done today will affect the future.

Jaymee Delaney
Lake Oswego

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