DRC got it right

Created on Thursday, 04 September 2014 01:00 | Written by Gina Coshow

I was impressed to hear that the Development Review Commission recently concluded that the proposal for the Wizer Block did not meet the city’s building code or the vision planned for downtown Lake Oswego and turned it down.

The developer has fought hard to locate his development in the Wizer Block. He has hired lawyers and political consultants to convince the city that the development belongs on the Wizer Block. But I, like so many others, feel that the proposed development has too massive a footprint for the site. Shoehorning approximately 414 people and 414 cars (two for each of the 207 apartments) and 102 dogs (one for every four apartments) into the relatively small area of the Wizer Block would strain the resources in the downtown area, change its unique character and violate building codes.

So I feel the DRC rightly concluded that the scale of the proposed development did not meet the character of “small-scale structures” in Lake Oswego’s downtown district and that the three proposed buildings are too large to meet city codes. The DRC joined several local organizations and the Evergreen and Hallian neighborhood associations, who have all voted against the project.

The next step is a meeting of the City Council, where they will weigh in on the proposed development. When they look at the facts, I hope they, too, will conclude that the proposed development should not be located in the Wizer Block and, in doing so, they will help leave a legacy that allows Lake Oswego’s core to retain its unique character and heart.

Gina Coshow

Article originally posted with the Lake Review @ http://www.pamplinmedia.com/lor/49-opinion/232358-96005-readers-letters

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