Preserve small-scale village

Created on Thursday, 04 September 2014 01:00 | Written by Mary Vigo

I support the Wizer development. However, as I learn more about the recent Wizer proposal, I believe that the Development Review Commission is correct.

The Wizer block is designated as part of our “compact shopping district.” Retail supports retail. A large rental apartment complex, with only 13-percent retail, will not create a more vibrant shopping and dining district downtown. We would actually lose 50 percent of the current retail at Wizer’s today.

I understand that guest parking for the apartments will be located on our streets. Parking is already a challenge on weekends and especially during concerts and during the farmers market. When you add the delivery trucks and moving vans that will be double-parked, we lose easy access to the restaurants and shopping we want to support.

It is disappointing that the developer did not go back to the drawing board last winter when his proposal was not approved and break up the buildings as requested, create more retail and lower the density. Much smaller buildings with much more retail would have created a redevelopment the entire community could embrace and anticipate.

I urge the City Council to support the desires of our community and preserve our small-scale village.

Mary Vigo
Lake Oswego

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