Citizens won’t benefit

Created on Thursday, 11 September 2014 01:00 | Written by Tom Ruddy

It seems to me that there are three constituencies involved in the Wizer Block project:

1. The owners and developers of the project;

2. The merchants of the area; and

3. Citizens of Lake Oswego (particularly of the greater downtown area).

As a 26-year resident of the area near downtown and a frequent visitor to the shops on First Street across from the proposed development, I would agree that the owners/developers of the project and the shop owners would benefit from the presence of 207 apartments across from their respective shops. However, those of us in the third category, who now frequent those shops, would find it nearly impossible to find parking or sitting space in the shops or in Millennium Park.

So although shop owners will continue to have a robust business, it will be unlikely that it would come from those of us who now frequent those businesses.

Tom Ruddy
Lake Oswego

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