Urban project doesn’t belong

Created on Thursday, 18 September 2014 01:00 | Written by Candee Clark Jones

It is reassuring to me to see that the DRC has turned down the current proposal for the Wizer Block. Having grown up in Lake Oswego with deep ties to the community, I do not understand why this project, which is appropriate to perhaps the Pearl District, is being proposed for a community that prides

itself on its beauty and its small-town village character.

As The Lake Oswego Review editorial (“City should hold true to vision for downtown core,” July 17) noted, our Fourth of July celebration as well as our other community celebrations have that wonderful sense of being in your own hometown with all the kids, parents, grandparents and community members gathered together. Millennium Park works as a wonderful gathering space. But with 207 apartments looming over it, the already busy park will become overrun with just too many people, dogs and visitors, not to mention delivery trucks, emergency vehicles and all of the other big-city experiences.

The Wizer Block is not big enough to meet the many demands that will be placed on it. This is not a project for Lake Oswego. It is an urban project and should be put in an urban setting.

Candee Clark Jones
Lake Oswego

Article originally posted with the Lake Review @ http://www.pamplinmedia.com/lor/49-opinion/233979-97780-readers-letters

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