Let this be the end of it

Created on Thursday, 25 September 2014 01:00 | Written by Margaret Harkson

I am vehemently opposed to the big-city intrusion of the Block 137 Wizer/Kessi development into our beautiful, small community. Lake Oswego was chosen as the winner of the “America the Beautiful” contest two years in a row. This costly, gigantic, three-football-fields-long development belongs elsewhere. It benefits few.

This seemingly innocent project threatens not only the future of our Millenium Park, so long awaited and achieved, but also our beautiful views of Mount Hood and our relative peace and tranquility. We are a small city of neighbors. The desire to live in such a bucolic small community is what brought us all here. Let us remain a small village that rejoices in small things.

Codes are established to be respected and followed. They represent the will of the majority through our representatives. No elected official(s) should have the ability to exclude any restrictions that are already established in code without a vote of the residents.

Let us finally call a halt to this costly, time-consuming, endless revisitation of the Wizer/Kessi development. Let us, the current residents, vote on becoming a big city or remaining restricted as we are, if that is what it takes to move on. The Wizer Block has requisitioned innumerable hours and expense from everyone, most importantly our representatives. It has caused strong discord in our city.

Please, let this be the end of it. Reject the planned development of Block 137.

Margaret Harkson
Lake Oswego

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