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Created on Thursday, 25 September 2014 01:00 | Written by Diana Harrell

I am a long-time resident of Lake Oswego (50 years). I attended Lakeridge High School and settled here to have a family. One of the things I have always enjoyed about Lake Oswego is the quaintness and charm of a small town. It is a community of people who will bend over backwards to support one another. For example, when my husband was sick and then died, the community rallied by my family’s side. We were overwhelmed by the love and support that we received.

In addition, I spent six years involved in the Lake Oswego Women’s Club and am on my seventh year with the National Charity League/ Lake Oswego Chapter. I have made many friends, have done my share of charity work, have volunteered in the schools, etc. I do it because I love my city and the friendships that I have made here.

I believe that the Wizer Block project will destroy the small-town feel that has drawn me and so many others to Lake Oswego. I enjoy frequenting the downtown restaurants and shops. I love the Farmers Market, the local plays and the summer concerts. But if the project passes, Lake Oswego will lose its charm that we all adore.

I don’t want a huge apartment complex destroying the aesthetics of our town. I don’t want to trip over hundreds of people and their dogs. I don’t want to fight the traffic or have to fight for a place to park. I am not opposed to growth and development, just not in downtown Lake Oswego. If the project passes, I will seriously consider leaving Lake Oswego.

I am greatly opposed to the Wizer project and think that it would be a huge disservice to our beloved town.

Diana Harrell
Lake Oswego

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