We need to stop this project

Created on Thursday, 25 September 2014 01:00 | Written by Matt Cutts

Many Lake Oswego residents are vehemently opposed to the potential Block 137 development near Millennium Park, as well they should be. It would destroy the livability of our downtown and flagrantly disregards existing city development guidance, so I oppose it.

The Development Review Commission rejected this development because it was too massive in scale and out of step with the area’s village character in August. The project violates Lake Oswego Urban Design and East End Development plans.

This complex would dwarf the existing retail shops in Lake View Village and the rest of downtown Lake Oswego. It would result in traffic and parking issues which would transfigure our quaint town into yet another overdeveloped urban nightmare.

The scale of any new development should meet code, should match the scale of existing retail outlets near Millennium Park (two-story maximum), and should include parking for any proposed apartments within the same building in the basement or other locations.

I am joining with the merchants, neighbors and neighborhoods such as the Evergreen Neighborhood Association and the Lake Oswego Neighborhood Action Coalition in opposing this project. I am writing to voice my emphatic desire as a Lake Oswego voter for our City Council to uphold the application’s denial, preserve our downtown, and protect the property rights of current business owners. We need to stop this project!

Matt Cutts
Lake Oswego

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