A lack of leadership

Created on Thursday, 02 October 2014 01:00 | Written by Mike Story

I am appalled by the lack of leadership displayed by our City Council when it overturned the DRC’s rejection of the Wizer Block project.

My wife and I have owned a home in Lake Oswego for nine years. We moved back to the Portland area after being away for 40 years and chose Lake Oswego because we fell in love with the city, in particular the small village feel of downtown Lake Oswego.

The Wizer Block project seems intent on maximizing rental apartment space and putting four-story buildings on our flagship street, regardless of citizen input, traffic congestion and strong concerns voiced from Lake View Village and Evergreen Neighborhood representatives.

What upset me the most was the continual theme from five City Council members of “What can we do, it appears to match city code?” Not, “What is best for Lake Oswego?” Or, “We need to downsize and modify this project a bit more.” Or, “No approval until a thorough traffic study is completed.”

Only Councilors Karen Bowerman and Lauren Hughes seemed concerned about the long-term effect this project will have on Lake Oswego, demonstrating real leadership.

This position by the City Council is very disappointing, and has many residents re-evaluating living in Lake Oswego, or at the very least spending time in what was a wonderful downtown area. It also makes one wonder if the DRC has any real role to play for the Lake Oswego City Council.

Mike Story
Lake Oswego

Article originally posted with the Lake Review @ http://www.pamplinmedia.com/lor/49-opinion/235575-99983-readers-letters

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