What was Council thinking?

Created on Thursday, 02 October 2014 01:00 | Written by Francie Manning

Re our City Council’s approval of the Wizer proposal: What were they thinking? Did they mistakenly think they knew more about city codes than the acknowledged experts on their own Development Review Commission?

What motivated them to go against the will of a majority of their constituents? They certainly could not have had the best interests of Lake Oswego at heart. How dare they leave as their legacy this massive blot on our landscape in the very core of our downtown!

I am particularly disappointed with Jeff Gudman.

Kessi will build these three monstrosities and then he’ll leave Lake Oswego and go back to Portland. We’ll be stuck with the consequences. Traffic in the downtown area will achieve gridlock at rush hour. But that won’t bother Kessi. Parking will be so difficult that many people will stop going to Lake View Village, the Farmers Market and Millenium Park. But Kessi won’t be affected. We will have lost many of our beautiful trees. But Kessi won’t care. The hardships caused by these monoliths will be many. Too many to enumerate here. But the hardships won’t bother Kessi. He’ll be in Portland counting his money.

And what about Gene Wizer? What could he be thinking? He lives here. He’s been a good citizen of Lake Oswego. Now his legacy will be these three monstrosities with his name permanently associated with them. Nobody will remember all the good he’s done. People will just remember The Wizer Block, the massive abomination in our formerly charming downtown.

Francie Manning
Lake Oswego

Article originally posted with the Lake Review @ http://www.pamplinmedia.com/lor/49-opinion/235575-99983-readers-letters

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