Street of Bad Dreams

Created on Thursday, 23 October 2014 01:00 | Written by Darryl Boom

Life just got easier for developers in Lake Oswego. Here’s all you need to do:

Ignore the Evergreen neighborhood and the East End Redevelopment and Urban Design plans.

Ignore neighborhood association surveys objecting to your vision by a vote of 140 to 10. The DRC? Citizen’s comments? Their opinions really don’t matter.

Don’t worry about village character. Just know that your vision will be our vision. A 90,000-square-foot building the size of the West End Building is just another small-scale building to us. In fact, you can put three of these WEBs on one block downtown!

You can also build a few hundred apartments if you want! A quarter-acre private patio? No problem. It’s been approved for the Wizer Block. If you need $5 million or $6 million to help you out, go see LORA. Promise tax revenue and a bit of parking, even though we both know you will use parking modifiers and street parking to make the project look just fine.

Remember to hire expensive PR consultants and a high-priced lawyer to help you sell your vision to the unsuspecting public. Keep telling them that four stories are the same as two stories, three WEB buildings are the same as six small buildings in Lake View Village, and that residential is what is best for our downtown compact shopping district.

To make the process easy, you can rely on our staff to approve your plan and write their version of any DRC findings. And even though we have two city lawyers, use your high-paid lawyer to write any City Council findings, just to be sure you’re represented fairly.

So good luck dropping three WEB buildings on another city block. Write lots of letters and just keep it under 60 feet!

Darryl Boom
Lake Oswego

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