Fight isn’t over

Created on Thursday, 28 May 2015 01:00 | Written by Francie Manning

Why can’t the Wizer Block be more like Kruse Village? Kruse Village is open and airy. The buildings are not the enormous, overwhelming behemoths with narrow walkways between them that the Wizer plan proposes.

To those who say that we should put the fight to save the Wizer Block behind us, I say the fight is not over. They haven’t started construction. Lita Grigg, the mainstay of Save Our Village, and the Evergreen Neighborhood Association are to be applauded for taking the case to the Oregon Court of Appeals. I hope the appeals court pays more attention to “small-scale structures” and “village character” than some members of our own City Council did.

If construction is allowed to go ahead, I doubt I will be visiting some of my favorite restaurants and stores in Lake View Village as often as I would like. The older I get, the lower my tolerance for traffic and parking issues. And to have lunch out in front of Zeppo’s on a lovely summer day, the sun will be blocked by the proposed Wizer structures at 1:30 in the afternoon — in August!

Francie Manning
Lake Oswego

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