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Created on Thursday, 09 July 2015 01:00 | Written by Tom Grigg

I’m writing in support of all the businesses that have been told to vacate the Wizer Block in downtown Lake Oswego. In particular, I’m writing to support Phil Chizum, the owner of The Glass Butterfly, after reading his Citizen’s View last week (“After 26 years in downtown LO, I think there is a better way,” July 2).

The Glass Butterfly has been one of the centerpiece businesses of our retail core for more than 30 years. It’s threatened, of course, by developer Patrick Kessi’s football-field-size apartment complex, which Kessi and a compliant, all-too-eager Lake Oswego city government is attempting to rush into construction despite a pending court appeal.

Kessi has said “construction could start as early as September.” Not so fast.

First, Phil Chizum’s lease doesn’t expire until Oct. 1. Phil has the legal right to remain in his building until then. Second, before Kessi could even begin demolition of the Wizer complex, an abatement team would have to go through the building and remove any traces of old asbestos and lead paint. Only then could demolition start. Kessi hasn’t applied for a demolition permit.

Is Kessi threatening to bulldoze the buildings around The Glass Butterfly while Phil is still running his business? What do his statements reveal regarding his true intentions toward our long-time residents and our community?

I urge everyone to drop by all the current Wizer businesses and show your support with your purchases. Most important, drop by The Glass Butterfly between now and Oct. 1. Buy Phil’s merchandise, and voice your approval for his courage and for his unwillingness to buckle under to an outside developer and his unwanted complex.

Tom Grigg
Lake Oswego

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